Dream, the Omen

As I lay my head down to rest on the night before the New Moon the darkness again encroached on my vision, Pulling me into another vision…where they come from, I'm not quite sure.

In it I saw a vague Silhouette of a woman, her hair golden blonde, in beautiful, if plain, priest vestments. The vestments caught my eye, even in the darkness the light seemed to bounce off of them, they seemed to be made from fine homespun lambswool, something any priest would be proud to wear. She was running from something, there was too much darkness to see what she was running from. I tried running after her but she outpaced me. In writing I saw the Celestial words for "seek" and "protect". My vision flashed again as I saw blood everywhere and a desecrated corpse on the ground and Suddenly I awoke. "I'm about to go fight for a city that faces two threats, rebels and beasts…and you want me to look for some girl? sighs she did look to be a sister of the church, so i hope I'm not too late."


The_Asp cbg565

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