Dream, The Resolve

Tossing and turning on the ship finding it hard to sleep after the nights events, as Lucy turned on her side she felt like she was falling and as her eyes shot open she was within the darkness of her visions onces more.

Lucy: "Why? Why lead me to a dead woman, what was the purpose of this?"

she turns to the side as if her vision is guided, there is a wooden shaft standing impaled into the ground. behind her she see's her mother repairing a dress. A breeze rushes past Lucy, sweeping up the weaving tools and placing them in her hands. As the wind blows past her it picks up the vestments from her pack, they catch on the pole and blow like flag on the wind. a voice rings out in celestial

Voice: "Create"

as it says that a symbol of the fist appears on the vestments as they merge with the pole

lucy throws the weaver's tools on the floor

Lucy: "Is this why? You grant me a boon with her life? Who was she? What was her name? Was her life only for this purpose?"

the darkness is silent for a long moment before ringing out in Celestial

The Voice: "The Fist does what they must"

Lucy: "We do what we must…..her sacrifice won't be in vain"

as the darkness recedes Lucidity swears she hears a faint voice say

The Voice: "I wish this was different"

waking she grits her teeth and sighs

Lucy: "I didn't know her, but I cant help but feel responsible. The flag will be made, I will use it as penance."


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