The Final Enemy

Mayor Pratt the Younger, looks upon the group with a grim, serious visage. His fellow Council members are also very subdued and serious.

"We are working at distributing the weapons which you recovered from the smuggling operation among our new allies the Triton and the Merfolk. The Lizardfolk will not be participating in the attack because the number of fighting….ah……for lack of a better term, is too small to make an effective unit. However, they have suggested that we send a sortie to gather information and probe the Saurian defense. The Council has volunteered you mighty heroes, the saviors of Oakhart and we hope the saviors of Orlane, for this vital mission! We know that you can succeed despite the dangers. You have brokered peace with the Lizardfolk. Smashed the smuggling operaton that was plaguing our town and now you need to turn your attention to the final enemy: the Saurian."

"The Council  is prepared to offer you a letter of credit for five thousand pieces of gold in return for the successful completion of your task. As always, you may keep any valuables you acquuire in the lawful execution of the Council's declaration against these hateful Saurian, who are clearly a threat to the peaceful folk of the area. Namely the Confederation, Triton, Merfolk and Lizardfolk. The objective of this sortie is fourfold:

1) Determine the strength of the Saurian force including their lieutenants, leaders etc. While we appreciate their ability to "merge" their forms, there has to be a command structure and exceptional individuals, much like yourselves.

2) Locate important areas within the lair. Where do the warriors quarter? Officers and other leaders? 

3) Discover any significant defensive measures, where there are traps, areas defended against attack, etc.

4) Discover how advanced the Saurian preparations are and when they might launch their attack."

Here Mayor Pratt falls silent and his gaze, along with that of the Council, falls upon the group….


So here are my thoughts.
1. I assume we are taking the mission. We talked about taking the lizard folk (useful since it’s their home turf, but maybe only Zeek?) but I don’t know if we’ll find out if the Stoutly boys are joining us till later. Level 3 and even level 2 fighters are no joke. Will in particular is looking pretty good.
2. Considering 5,000 GP is the cost of a ship, I feel that the money reward sounds fare. The only thing I might try to push is, having done so much for Orlane already, if they would front us the money for supplies in case we want to buy several of the big things (i.e. pearl of power, Guantletts of Ogre Strength, new Heavy Armor). Argue that it is for the sake of the town and if the chance of us failing, and the town remaining in danger, greatly diminishes with improved equipment. Furthermore, it’s not like Orlane is even loosing the money if we die as we will be spending it in town and therefore putting it back into the town’s economy.
3. I assume we need a boat to get there. May as well get that squared away before the session.
4. With 10 days, we could make it to Home and back. We could investigate this human trafficking ring about the girl, talk to the Contessa (maybe get more money), or maybe Ceberon could meet with Arch Magus Woogosh.
5. We could start on house renovations as I don’t know if I want to stick around for them once all this is over.

I vote we sell the ship for 5000 GP (bad memories anyway), and convince the counsel to give us the 5000 GP reward in advance with the stipulation we spend it in town, giving us 18000 GP plus whatever we already have to play with. This means we could buy new armor for Z and Lucy, get the pearl of power for Ceb (I assume he wants it), the gauntlets for Lucy, and have some left over for a home makeover.

The Final Enemy

Forgot to include the money from the captain’s lockbox. Assuming 33% go to Stoutly Bros (I think we can talk to them about getting a smaller share if we need money btw as they were like interns) that is another 924 GP. So 18924 GP to spend plus whatever we had before the adventure.

The Final Enemy

Zanras raises his fist in front of him and boldly declares," Finally these foul creatures will taste retribution!" His fist comes down and slams into his chest," Thank you for finally heeding my words, and allowing me to taste for the first time, true vengeance!" A fanatical grin has creeped onto his face.

The Final Enemy

Robin steps forward. “While Zanras speaks for all of us in our enthusiasm to end this Sourian threat, I must ask for a little indulgence on the part of the council. We have recently been made aware of several of the wonderous good that Orlane can offer including armor and weapons. Things that could mean the difference between success and failure on this upcoming mission. Given our good standing as the hero’s of Oakheart and having recently resolved your smuggling problem, I would ask for the 5000 GP credit now given the stipulation that we only spend that amount within the town limits. Therefor, even if our mission were to fail, the wealth would still have been returned to the overall economy or Orlane.”

The Final Enemy
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